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Quizmalia is The Lady of Fate and Fortune, the demigoddess of luck. She is the very embodiment of capriciousness and flamboyancy. She was the one who created the Magicant, and she was the one who created the quest for searching for its pieces.

Julie first met her at the very, very beginning of the comic. At that time Quizma was disguised as an angel, possibly to come off as more trustworthy to the chipper bard. Since then she has appeared to Julie multiple times in a form that looks like a shadowy imp wearing a top hat.

During her visits with Julie, Quizma provides information to her in much the same way as a "Contact other Plane" spell with no chance to lose your spellcasting. Quizma's answers don't seem very reliable at times though.

Quizma appears in her true form for the first time when encountering Angelika, who had recently died. Being the keeper of Zebro, the chaotic neutral plane, Quizma had to deal with Angelika's arrival. Deal with it she did, by throwing the blonde girl out of her tower window.

Since her meeting with Angelika, Quizma has started meeting Julie in her true form. This doesn't change the quality of the answers to the questions Julie ask, though.


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