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Angelika is Julie's snarky and somewhat overlooked sibling. Angelika met Julie completely by coincidence when Julie was walking through the town of Huckleton. Apparently Angelika was trying to clear the scene of a small scale jewel heist she and Rocky were trying to do. There are many hints of a wild and chaotic adventure she and Rocky were having before meeting up with Julie and Lenny, but exact details haven't been revealed.

Angelika decided to join Julie on the quest due to Angelika wanting to help her sister, but more importantly for the promise of wealth and power. Even after finding out about the power of the Magicant, Angelika seems uninterested in attaining or even using it herself.

What Angelika brings to the table in the adventure is her sorcery. Angelika is a sorceress, which differs from a Wizard. All the magic Angelika learns and uses is innate and drawn out through force of personality rather than research and study. Naturally Angelika is focused on battle magic, mainly fire spells. Through adventuring she has also learned how to magically open locks, flying, and improving her defenses with magical armor force.

At first glance, Angelika is an arrogant and self-centered teenage girl who can be very short-sighted. Anyone who knows Angelika well could attest that it's because as a child she was often ignored or treated with distain by her father and (to a lesser extent), Julie. She was something of a problem child, acting out and generally being hard to get along with. About the time she started developing her powers of sorcery, she decided to run away from home, thinking no one would care anyway.

Through love and friendship from her peers, Angelika eventually begins to overcome her self-centered behaviour. This begins when she encountered Norveg, an intelligent rat who became her magic familiar. They develope a good friendship and Norveg helps to keep her from making stupid decisions.

Her character builds further when she happens across Jordie, a kind Cleric who invites himself into Julie's group due to what he believes is destiny. Angelika developes a friendship (and possible crush) with Jordie, but she knows that Jordie is gay and is only interested in men.

When Jordie gets kidnapped by Calor the Frostdoom, she decides to join a group of Justice Angel followers to get Jordie and his love-interest Warren back. However, Angelika finds out the Emperors did not sanction this decision to kidnap Jordie. They freed him, leaving Angelika high and dry with a group of people she no longer had reason to travel with.

Making the most of a bad situation, Angelika tags along with the Justice Angel crew and assists them on their anti-Souballo quests. She eventually meets up with Pauline of all people, who she found out was resurrected by her friends back on the Baxillon Island where she met her. Initially irritated by Pauline wanting to be revived by someone else, she quickly gets over it and their two teams decide to band together. Their coming adventures are still to be seen.

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