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The item that Angelika thought was just a normal, creepy looking tent turned out to be a monster. Go figure.

The creature is known as a Circadae Dimonio. It's essentially a huge, chaotic evil outsider that takes the form of a circus tent with a hideous clown face. In addition to its ghastly appearance it also has powerful arms it can slam opponents with. It also uses a variety of spell-like and supernatural abilities revolving around a circus theme.

Angelika originally bought this item at a curiousity shop because she burned down her original tent. Unfortunately for her friends and sister, Angelika loved the clown tent and continued using it for sleeping.

After Angelika had died, the tent was left behind when Julie and pals teleported to a place to resurrect her. However, the tent somehow returned to her at a hotel in Silverfronds. This deeply unnerved Julie, but Angelika was elated.

Eventually Angelika was told about the tent's true nature by Brother Jack, a Cleric Angelika had made fast friends with. The tent then attacked the group once its cover was blown. The Circadae Dimonio was destroyed in that battle, leaving Angelika without a disturbing place to sleep.

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