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Angelo Souballo is one of the Emperors of the Souballo Empire, and is also the leads the cult "Angelo's Kids." Using the Empire's resources as well as his own organization, he is trying to find the Magicant and/or stop the current Pendant Keeper from finding the pieces.

Within the workings of the empire, Angelo is seen as a more typical evil overlord than his husband Brian. Angelo commands the empire with authority and organization while his husband does his arcane projects to further the empire. Angelo is also very egotistical and short tempered, though he doesn't show this side often to his cult.

What he actually is remains a mystery, though there's evidence that his soul has been fractured somehow. Recently Angelo has been taking measures to keep the fracture under control. This soul damage may be what causes his irritability and fits of rage. He is seeking the Magicant in order to repair this soul damage. Recently it has been revealed that Angelo isn't all bad. When he's in control of himself, he does show respect for most of his underlings and has taken more of an interest in Sophia, attempting an expensive Miracle spell in order to rescue her from imprisonment in the Kingdom of Justice.

Using his (thus far) unrivalled knowledge in the divine, he formed his own religion based on the dogma of unity, community and servitude. He is a Mystic Theurge, which is a spellcaster who can use both arcane and divine magic. It's widely believed that he may be the most powerful spellcaster on the plane of Manjulias.

Though Angelo appears human, there is an unworldly and eldritch side to him. He has the ability to fly or levitate without using the spells associated with it. He may have other supernatural powers, though they haven't been seen yet.


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