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Brett Summers is an Imperial Covert, their fancy name for a Rogue. He's part of Terrado's strike team and did battle with Julie's team.

Though he is a Rogue, Brett is usually very eager to follow commands. He's got a bit of a snark to him, but it only comes out during times of great stress.

Terrado's unit was defeated by Julie's, and Brett was the only member of Terrado's unit to be killed. Though he has been killed Terrado stated to Julie and Jordie that Brett would be revived, possibly to pacify Jordie's unnessesary guilt over killing him.

Brett's main character class is Rogue, though he does have two fighter levels as well. With this combination he (supposedly) would do better assisting Terrado in melee combat than a pure Rogue would. If it were not for Jordon and Warren providing Julie with backup, this would probably be the case.

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