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Friendly, eccentric, and polite, but also ambitious and power-hungry, Brian Souballo is one of the Emperors of the Souballo Empire. Brian leads the...less crazy, imperial portion of the empire. Like his husband, Brian also wants the Magicant. What he wants to do with the Magicant is unclear.

Not that much is known about Brian's past, except that he studied at Everwood Magical University with Thomas Stratus as one of his mentors. Brian is a powerful wizard and has an epic level of magical power. He gained this power through hard work and going on increasingly difficult quests with his Husband Angelo. Their quests benefited the causes of the Angel of Justice by defeating powerful forces of chaos that the Angel is opposed to. In many of the campaigns, Brian and his followers have been allies with the followers of Stellina, the Angel of Justice.

As an authority figure, Brian is a lot more level headed than his husband. Brian treats the Souballo Empire like a business, treating his underlings as employees. He sees the value in treating his underlings with respect, and tries his best to instill these ideals into Angelo. These ideals of respect don't seem to extend to those outside his organization. Anyone who doesn't side with him is as good as an enemy and must be destroyed.

It's revealed that obtaining the Magicant is only Brian's secondary goal. Brian's main goal as Emperor is to make Manjulias a better place for humans to live. In order to further this goal, Brian believes he has to take his empire and invade the kingdom of Silverfronds. Why Silverfronds is the target isn't clear as of now, but one theory has to do with Silverfronds' history as the oldest city in Manjulias. There are many legends and magics born from the city, and control of it would put the Souballo Empire at a strategic advantage on the plane.

Brian has undertaken many projects to win the war against Silverfronds. The first main project involved creation of a huge warship which he used as a powerful weapon. The second main project involves magical science used to craft artificial humans with bonded symbiote creatures with unknown origins. The third project was seeking out and personally recruiting powerful people to the Empire's side to serve as commanders, aides, researchers and operatives.

The war efforts against Silverfronds went well up until the airship's destruction. During an assault on the Airship, Brian decided to use information from his spies to attack the castle itself. Inside the castle he summoned Angelo and a few of their choice generals to attempt to seize the castle. The attempt turned out to be a failure due to false information Brian's spies collected, and it nearly got them trapped in a sort of planar oubliette. Though they did escape this trap, they became unavailable to defend the warship which lead to its destruction.

Brian had almost succeeded in his task to take over Silverfronds. The desperation of Silverfrond's elite defenders caused some hastily made decisions which lead to the premature release of a powerful Demon. Silverfronds itself has become a cage for a powerful demon named Mortaridar, which may affect Brian's decision to continue attempting to conquer the kingdom.

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