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Brother Jack Maclain is the leader of a squad of people who worship Stellina, the Angel of Justice. His group crossed paths with Julie's during a mission they were on to battle The Souballo Empire.

Mr. Maclain is a reasonable and level-headed (if a bit boring) man who has divine connections with The Angel of Justice. He leads a five member group that's very similar to an adventuring party. This group includes Harvey (a wizard), Magotto and Grettor (two Dwarven fighters), and now Angelika.

Maclain apparently received a divine call from an agent of Stellina at an early age. He mistook it for the call to being a paladin and enrolled in a Stellina-centric Paladin training program. His teachers (and himself) quickly realized he hadn't the physical strength to make a good Paladin, and he switched to the clergy.

Jack is a Cleric, and he uses divine magic to support his allies, boost his own power and occasionally to attack his foes. His domains spells aren't certain, but they surely come from Stellina's portfolio.

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