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Bruce Moriatos is the head of the Souballo Empire's melee combat division. Through his loyalty and organization, he has gained a trusted position with the Emperors.

His organization and knowledge of combat has allowed him to train countless imperial soldiers. He implemented the proxy dungeon training program which help the soldiers train their 'real-world' skills. He has also served as an elite troop commander during the great airship battle. Riding Carrus the Black Dragon, Bruce used his superior mounted combat abilities to destroy Elven and fey opponents.

Bruce Moriatos is a well respected member of the empire, and most of the soldiers within serve him out of respect rather than fear. He has much admiration and dedication to Brian Souballo, and has learned many aspects of leadership from him.

Bruce is also a family man, and has a loving devotion to his wife and children as well. Sophia is especially fond of him, and is using her sorcery powers to assist the empire out of a desire to please him. However, his daughter has been imprisoned in the Kingdom of Justice, and how he will react to this remains unclear, though he will probably want brutal revenge.

The combat abilities of Bruce Moriatos are a combination of martial weapon skill, and magic powers backed by the unholy powers of Sarbek. He even has a magical mount named Deathrender, though he has yet to use his steed's abilities in battle.

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