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Calor the Frostdoom is an Ice Devil, a lawful evil extraplanar creature from Camazerra. It is a powerful and feared creature who is notorious in both Manjulias and its homeland. It is also available for contract work should the right employer make an offer.

Janice Jamison and Bruce Moriatos decided to contract his services to abduct Jordon from Julie's group. This kidnapping was done to force the obedience of Jordon's parents, who are also working unwillingly for the Souballo Empire.

The kidnapping of Jordon was a success, due to a cunning plan to separate Jordon from his friends and overpowering Warren (a possible paramour of Jordie.) To prevent Calor from slaying Warren, Jordie gave himself up to the fiend.

The fiend's favorite type of payment is the souls of young children. Knowing this, the bulk of the payment for Calor's services was the soul offerings of several Elven children for the devil to reap.

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