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Candesco Solstitialis is a Cleric of the moon goddess Nehhilia. He is also a prince in his kingdom, though this title may not have as much signifigance as it would in other cultured.

Candesco is extremely indifferent and non-chalant, not concerning himself with good or evil. Common isn't his first language, and it shows by his rigidly formal speech. Despite his indifference, he does have compassion and consideration.

Candesco is the first Nemurik to be seen in the comic. The Nemurik are a race of amphibious humanoids who live deep under water. They are an intelligent and graceful race and have natural resistance to unfriendly magic.

The Nemurik typically worship either Rogon (the god of water), or Nehhilia (goddess of the moon) due to both their powerful ties with water. Candesco chose the latter, and has a similar enjoyment of travelling to far off places as Maxo the sun cleric.

The gender neutral looking sea creature was found by Angelika while she was brazenly looking for people to fight with to regain her lost level. Candesco accepted her challenge, but proved to be far more powerful than Angelika had assessed.

After the battle, Candesco and Angelika became friends and Candesco decided to stick around with Julie's group out of curiousity. He even decided to help Julie and her friends warp back to Silverfronds when Jennifer and Jordon were magically forced back to work by Angelo.

He eventually pledged allegiance to King Tegretol Silverfronds and provided assistance to him during the defending of Silverfronds from the Souballo Empire. He worked with Maxo the Sun Cleric during the wartime...for better or worse.

Candesco was killed by Angelo during the airship offensive. During the assault the Souballos made on Silverfronds Castle, Maxo made a complaint which was treated as a wish made literal due to a demonic pact. That wish 'revived' Candesco's body, though Candesco's soul did not wist to return to life. The creature returned turned out to be Mortaridar wrapped in Candesco's skin. Candesco was revived for real in Everwood after the Silverfronds forces fled the castle from this awakened demon.

In an act of compassion and forgiveness of Maxo's demonic transgression, Candesco agreed to convert Maxo to his religion, restoring Maxo's divine powers. With acolyte in tow, Candesco embarks on a quest with the King of Silverfronds to get the demon resealed.


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