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Carrus Jamison is a Black Dragon. He is the adoptive son of Janice, raised from a younger age by the evil wizard over many decades.

Dragons don't usually live on the plane of Manjulias out of fear they would be hunted by greedy humanoids. Carrus lives on this plane probably because he was abandoned by his real parents. Janice found him at some point during his young life and decided to raise him as her own son. Perhaps this is an act of compassion, or perhaps Janice wanted to spread evil by helping this dragon grow into a more formidable foe himself. Either way, Carrus is grateful for her help and is very loyal to her. He even suggests to Janice to become a lich, so that they can remain together even after her 'death.'

He currently works as Janice's aide and has learned enough about magical science that he makes a competent research assistant for Janice. Due to his loyalty, he is pretty much the only assistant Janice will ever trust enough to work with.

Carrus also helped the Souballo Forces in the great airship battle. He worked as Bruce Moriatos' mount and assisted in the destruction of the Elven forces. The battle was lost however, and Carrus indifferently watched the imperial airship go down in flames and explosions.

Carrus has a humanoid alternate form which he uses to hide himself and to not incite terror when he doesn't want to. His alternate form is that of a dark skinned, black haired young man.

Dragons in Our Little Adventure are a bit different than Dungeons and Dragons. All dragons in Our Little Adventure are equally powerful in their advancement and they are all chromatic. Typically Black Dragons in Our Little Adventure are neutral evil.



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