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These three Wraiths are Coumadin's little posse. They differ from normal Wraiths in that they can fight during the day, and they lack the ability to create their own undead Wraith slaves.

Willow is the youngest of the Wraiths. She was created from a female human somewhat recently, and is still in the training process of working at the forested Magicant Temple. She was the Wraith responsible for keeping track of Julie's group and noting their combat abilities for Coumadin.

Hannidar was originally a male Dwarf, and still speaks with some of the Dwarven dialect that many Dwarves speak in Manjulias. He, like Danazol served mainly as Coumadin's assistant.

Danazol was the oldest of the Wraiths, and has been with Coumadin the longest of the three. She too was an assistant of Coumadin's until her destruction in the second battle with Julie's group. She was originally a female Elf.

The three of them are surprisinally friendly for undead monsters. They don't even hold Danazol's destruction against Julie's group after the second battle in the center tower. It's believed these three Wraiths are serving for the same reason Coumadin and Marvin serve the Fortune Lady. Perhaps they aren't sore over Danazol's destruction because it means she has served her term and can finally rest in peace.

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