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Coumadin is a sanctum custodian for the forested Magicant Temple, where Julie and pals found the first Magicant Piece. He was an Elf of the Nightwood tribe, ressurected by the Lady of Fate and Fortune to assume the temple warden job. He possibly took this job to avoid an afterlife in BloddenGogga.

Coumadin is an odd duck, even by Elven standards. He is a Cleric who channels negitive energy and has a small group of Wraiths who assist him in his duties and are his friends.

He encountered Julie's group and engaged them in a battle in the temple's central courtyard. Due to his Wraiths supply of tactical info and preparing ahead of time, he was able to defeat Julie's group and force them to retreat, leaving Angelika to die.

He spares Angelika's life, but steals much of her adventuring gear. This was part of a plan to raise money to help him summon extraplanar help to assist him in the next fight with Julie's group.

When Julie activated the six pedestals on each tower of the temple, she gained access to the center tower. This center tower was actually a small area in the plane of Zebro, where the Fortune Lady resides. There they have another battle, where Julie and her friends were victorious. The victory was due to Julie's group being prepared for this combat.

When the battle was done, Coumadin didn't even mind losing. He took Julie up to where the Magicant Piece was and she claimed it...after some surprising and tragic turn of events involving Emily.

As personality goes, Coumadin is a strange fellow. It's hinted that he was much more evil and insane when he was alive, but mellowed out during his employment at the temple. He still has moments where he's very inconsiderate and a jerk, such as when he does the summoning ritual on Marvin's front yard and doesn't clean up afterword.

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