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Denise is an Astral Deva, a kind of Angel that frequently makes trips to Manjulias via a contract drawn up by the summoner. She's a cheerful, pleasant girl who has a weakness for gummi bears.

The first we see her is when Thomas Stratus escaped Brian Souballo to the Kingdom of Freedom. She wasn't too happy with seeing Mr. Stratus, as he wasn't dead nor chaotic good. He also contracted her some time ago to do something she found annoying, though we don't know what that is.

During the preparations for the Airship Offensive, Thomas once again utilized Planar Binding to lure the Angel to Manjulias. Once trapped they set up a contract for her to help with the airship's destruction. She agreed to this, as most of the chaotic good outsiders hate the Souballo Empire anyway.

During the actual battle, she partied up with the Everwood Council and Slammy to get into the airship and destroy it from the inside out. They were successful, and with the contract completed Denise is free to roam the Kingdom of Freedom until needed again.

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