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Ellen Gatz is an imperial spiritual magic specialist, otherwise known as a Cleric. She is part of Terrado's strike team and provided healing and combat support. Her team was defeated by Julie's, but Ellen herself was unharmed during the conflict.

She also summoned a Cubix, which is a small outsider from G.E.A.R.S to provide support during the combat. Its first job was to supply a Magic Circle VS Chaos for her group to benefit from (though it wasn't helpful as none of Julie's group are currently chaotic.) It's second job was to use its Aid spell-like ability as often as it could, though it was 'destroyed' by Lenny fairly early on.

Ellen is very calm and collected, and seems to prefer use the magic of law. Her cleric domains are Law and Protection. She uses them to assist her team and defeat any force of chaos that she can find during their adventures.

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