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Emily is a wizard who studied at the Everwood Magical University. However, an incident happened at the school and the faculty sent Emily away on a field mission. Everwood was where Rocky, Lenny and Angelika met her, and Angelika took an instant dislike to her.

Rocky and Angelika encountered Emily at a hotel in Llanadario, finding out she had been sent on this strange fungus mission. Rocky took the time to catch up with her and managed to convince her to join the group, insisting her wizard powers would be of great help.

Emily is as pleasant as she needs to be, but social skills aren't high priority for her. The more that was learned about Emily, the less pleasant a person she turned out to be. She has a prejudice against Elves which surfaced from time to time.

Emily revealed that she wanted the Magicant to bring certain types of extinct fungus back to life. A strange goal, but it seemed pretty non threatening.

There is more to Emily than meets the eye. Something very strange happened while Norveg was keeping her company. This strangeness manifested itself when the group defeated Coumadin and his troops and claimed the magicant, and she turned into some kind of humanoid monster created in one of the Souballo Empire's 'training facilities.'


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