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Eraxis Silverwood was the second Zebroan that Coumadin summoned for assistance. Eraxis is a good friend of Logan's and also works in the extraplanar assistance network.

Though friendly and cheerful, Eraxis is a bit nuttier and less wise than Logan. Eraxis is shown not to be terribly good at extraplanar negotiations, requiring Logan to help him with the agreements.

Eraxis is a Zebroan, which is a special type of creature native to the plane of Zebro. Zebroans somewhat resemble thier mundane Manjulian

counterparts, save for odd flamboyant dress and spiffy little orange crowns on their heads. Eraxis' outfit may be even wilder than Logan's.

Eraxis is a Barbarian, so he uses his physical powers and raging to help him win battles. However, he did not fare very well against Julie and her group. They managed to defeat him, though Jordie revived him at the end of combat with magical healing. Eraxis is still alive and well, probably eagerly awaiting his next job.

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