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Exillon is some kind of...thing. No one knows exactly what Exillon is, or what its job is in the Empire. Some say that he is from the one of the mountains and has its own domain of foul beasts. Others say Exillon is from another plane entirely, working with the Empire to enforce the ideals of absolute law. Whatever the story behind this creature is, it's certain this creature does not have a benevolent agenda.

Though Exillon's beeping isn't understood, most can usually tell its mood by the color of its aura. If it starts glowing red or orange, most people understand that its angry or frustrated.

Exillon is not an official part of the empire but is working with Brian for a reason only known to him. Brian is the only one who understands what Exillon says to the frustration of most others around. Even Comprehend Languages doesn't work to decipher the creature's communication.

During the events of the third book, Exillon installed itself into the imperial airship. It became the active security and central computer system, interfacing with the crew and constantly aware of what was going on inside and around the ship.

Through the actions of the Everwood Council as well as Denise the Astral Deva and Slammy, the ship was stormed and Exillon had to combat the troop itself.

Exillon is a crystal shaped creature able to float through the use of psionics. Each crystal that accompanies the main body can use some kind of psionic power. The ones seen are:

Charm Monster, Psionic (Yellow Triangle)
Baleful Teleport (Blue Hexagon)
Concussion Blast (Orange football-shape)
Cranial Deluge (Green Pentagon)
Ectoplasmic Cocoon (Purple Heptagon)
Forced Share Pain (Pink Octagon)
Fuse Flesh (Black Star)
Body Adjustment (White Star)
Energy Ray, Fire (Red Circle)
Mind Probe (Light Green Diamond)

Though Exillon killed Peganone, Slammy was able to defeat it by using Prismatic Spray to randomly warp it to the Kingdom of Justice. There, a trio of lawful good astral devas engaged it in a chase. Whether or not Exillon was able to escape them is not known yet.

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