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Francis is a cute, quirky teenage boy who decided to take up the bardic path. He's quite skilled with the guitar, but the lyrics of his songs can be quite brash and ribald...also not much caring about the audience he performs for.

Francis and Jenny were both friends of Angelika and Rocky before the latter two joined Julie's quest. There seems to have been an incident between the four which has estranged Frank and Jenny from Rocky and Angelika. The details on the incident in question remain unclear at this point. Since the past incident, both Francis and Jenny seem to have turned over a new leaf. They both seem to have taken a more heroic and good natured path in life.

The last time we've seen Frank and Jenny, they were in Silverfronds tending to some orphans. They apparently found these orphans in a ruined town and led them to the city, no doubt encountering challenges and dangers on the way.

It's heavily implied that Francis and Jenny are both enemies of the Souballo Empire and its followers. Whether or not these two will remain to help the city of Silverfronds remains to be seen when the Souballo Empire invades.

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