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Freddy is one of the people that Julie's group met at the first hamlet they stopped in on their journey. He is also one of Pauline's underlings that they fought in said hamlet.

Though he is friendly and good looking, he's a bit of a pushover and has trouble standing up to his friends and especially Pauline. His Elven heritage caused him to develope later than his peers, adding to this lack of assertiveness. His newfound bardic training has helped him overcome his docile nature somewhat, but he still has his moments.

He was not one of the two provokers of the street fight, but was corraled into helping by his peers. He lost the fight along with the rest of them, taking a magic missile in the head from Angelika.

Like his friends, he had picked up some character classes and are now a lot tougher to fight. He had to get stronger, as it was his Elven blood that particularily goaded the imperial troops as they destroyed his home.

Freddy is a Bard, so he uses musical magic to aid his friends and provide some magical backup. He likes bardic powers that create illusions, but also has some minor healing magic.


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