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Jack Henri, or 'Handsome Jack' as he's better known as, is a famous skyship captain known for having many awesome adventures. He has touched the lives of many, saved the lives of others, and tormented the lives of many a villain.

However, right now he is without a skyship. The previous skyship he captained has been destroyed by the Souballo Empire as a test of their weapons systems. Ever since then Jack has a vendetta against the Empire and will dedicate his energy into bringing them down.

Currently he is with his crew, travelling to Silverfronds. Along the way they met a Succubus in disguise, who decided to travel with them for the fun of it.

Handsome Jack is a multiclass bard/rogue. He commands an impressive array of mindbending musical magic, and he has the ability to deal out some pain via a sneak attack. His main desire however is to be able to have nearly every skill available to him, as his life is as unpredictable as his latest adventure.

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