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Harvey Miller is a member of a squad of is a member of a squad of Justice Angel worshippers who are fighting against the Souballos. He was originally the deputy commander of the squad until he temporarily joined Julie's group.

Harvey is calm and collected man. He has seen much of the world and lacks many of the somewhat black and white views of the world other members of Stellina's order often have. He still believes good should always triumph over evil, and that organization is the key to achieving this triumph.

Despite being a very good wizard, he doesn't much care for magic, especially in the hands of the irresponsible. Case in point, he has an older sister who died from a spellcasting mishap. While she has been brought back to life, the problems she caused hasn't caused him to change his mind. Perhaps this is because she hasn't learned her lesson, and still treats her magic as a toy.

Currently Harvey is working alongside Julie's group as a temporary party member. When Angelika decided to join his unit to rescue Jordie, the unit decided to assign Harvey to Julie's unit. Since then he has been reluctantly but earnestly assisting in Julie's adventure to collect the Magiciant Pieces, which he very recently learned of during a battle with an imperial strike team.

Harvey is a wizard, more specifically an Abjurer. His focus is magic that protects others, nullifies other magic effects and banishes summoned creatures or extraplanars.

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