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Jadelle Cirrusfronds is a member of Handsome Jack's airship crew, and also his adventuring party. Jadelle originally worked as the mechanic on the S.S. Windstar, Handsome Jack's previous airship.

Jadelle is usually quite chipper and plucky, and she is also a very loyal follower of Jack. Her loyalty to Jack and her job are the only two constants in her life. She is as wild and free spirited as the rest of Jack's wingnut crew.

Some would even see that Jadelle is attracted to Jack, but he seems not to notice her feelings toward him. Perhaps he wants to avoid a conflict of interest, or perhaps he's not into her the same way, or perhaps he likes her too and is much more subtle.

Jadelle became a sorceress when she saw she could help the crew out better using her inborn magic powers. Unlike many sorcerers who specialize in battle magic, most of Jadelle's magic revolves around making things easier for Jack and the crew. She may use light spells to help her see dark parts of the engine, or she may curry the favor of a customer using a Charm Monster spell.

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