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Jako is a Celestial Halfling who Jordie summoned using a Lesser Planar Ally spell. He called Jako to help with the adventuring in the forested Magicant Temple, and to fight Coumadin in the second battle. The creatures called with this spell require payment, and Julie offered him various weapons as well as a magic spoon that generates food.

Jako is a pleasant and friendly man, as many Celestials are. He also expressed an instant attraction toward Jordie, though Jordie didn't seem eager to accept the Halfling's advances. The color scheme of Jako's armor and insignia on his breastplate shows Jako comes from The Kingdom of Joy, ruled by Garamone.

He came in handy during the battles with the assassin vines, but during the second battle with Coumadin, he was banished back to his home plane magically. In Silverfronds, Julie and Jordie made their payment to him in the temple, where he was already called by the temple clergy. He was happy to see Jordie again, and accepted the payment as a donation to the children's hospital in the city. Jordie and Jako made a date of it.

Jako doesn't know that Jordie is currently dating Warren. I hope it doesn't hurt the little guy too much. :/

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