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Jane is the Rogue who formed an adventuring group composed of Jason, Trevoricus and herself. She is a fairly pleasant and charming person, though she knows very well how to sneak a blade into her opponent's tender areas.

She lead the attack on Julie's group, and though she and her friends lost to our heroes she wasn't too upset over it. Unfortunately since she was the only one conscious, she was easily targetted by Umbria's Hold Person spell and was slain.

For a long time, she was out of the story. However out of concern for her friends and desire for revenge, she couldn't rest easily in the afterlife. She followed Jason and Trevoricus as a ghost until she saw Trevoricus was powerful enough to take Umbria on.

Jane assisted Trevoricus in the battle against Umbria using her ghost powers. They succeeded in expelling Umbria from the group. Shortly after this event, Jason and Trevoricus suddenly received a mental command from Angelo to come to the Souballo Empire HQ, and Jane had to follow.

Jane's ghost was eventually discovered by Angelo himself, and due to Angelo's dislike of ghosts she was given an ultimatum: Either be destroyed, or be resurrected and swear fealty to the Souballo Empire. She chose the latter.

Originally, Jane, Trevoricus, Jason and Umbria worked for the Souballo Empire as commanders of a company of soldiers. Eventually they were relieved of duty due to Umbria continually getting assigned companies of soldiers killed, except for a Dwarven Fighter named Kergak. Now the five of them work together in a guerilla unit, making their way to Silverfronds City.

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