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Janice Jamison is an old crone who has risen up to the top ranks of the Empire through her knowledge and magic powers, more specifically her knowledge of blending magic with technology. She is the head of magical research in the Souballo Empire and has been appointed as chief tactician. The tactician job is one she especially resents.

Janice was originally from the northeast province of North Manjulias, and she was recruited by Brian Souballo some time back. Since then she has helped the empire with advances in magic, spells, and research. Due to Brian's many other duties as the Emperor, most of the research involving the reconstruction of souls and 'character creation' have been deligated to her.

Of the members of Brian and Angelo's personal crew, Janice is the least cooperative. She only divulges information when asked and prefers to work alone. She especially dislikes Sophia and considers the little girl a miserable little rodent.

The only person she seems to care about is her adoptive son Carrus, a Black Dragon who she found decades ago. She even snarks at her son from time to time, but in a way much less hurtful than with others.

Janice is a wizard, and as such uses magical power gained through preparation and study. Using these powers she can be a most terrifying adversary.

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