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Jennifer Kent is Jordie's mother. She made her first appearance in the comic by creeping into Jordie's dream during the group's trip to the first Magicant Temple. She has since been press-ganged into serving the Souballo Empire with her husband.

Like her husband, Jennifer earned her powers and abilities by adventuring and questing. Until being forced into military service, Jennifer and her husband have been retired from adventuring and living peacefully making magic items for clients.

Jennifer Kent is also a fairly nice woman, though like her husband morals and ethics only play a small part in their actions for better or worse. These decisions they made bother their son, who is very different to them in alignment.

Jennifer has adventured to become a wizard, an arcane spellcaster who gains power through research and study. Unlike her husband, Jennifer didn't branch into martial combat training. Due to the focus she has more arcane power than Jordon and can cast more powerful spells.


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