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Jenny Sunflower is a pleasant and friendly Half-Elf who has taken to divine magic. The dogma of her religion preaches individuality, freedom, and kindness. Even though she has improved herself, Angelika and Rocky are still quite skeptical.

Jenny and Francis were friends with Angelika and Rocky in the past, before Rocky and Angelika joined Julie's Magicant collecting quest. During this time there was an incident, and the event left the later two estranged from the former two.

Jenny and Francis' journey eventually takes them to Silverfronds City. This journey is due to Jenny receiving some kind of magical war enlistment poster from King Tegretol. With nothing better to do at the time, the two made their way to Silverfronds.

On their way to the city, they happened across a ruined hamlet full of orphaned children. They decided to take the kids to the City with them, as they would probably be killed from the wild's dangers.

Jenny Sunflower is much more level-headed than her bardic friend. She often has to keep Frankie out of trouble, and often chides him for his somewhat crass behaviour. The two seem to be the best of comrades though, and I'm sure they'll continue to journey together.

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