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Jordie is a golden ray of sunshine that Julie met at a Temple of Freedom in the city of Autumnson. Jordie isn't a Cleric for the Angel of Freedom though; in fact not even he knows where his divine powers come from. It's his belief that they may be coming from all three of the Heavenly Angels. No matter the source, Jordie is happy to champion the causes of good.

Is is not journeying with Julie because he wants her to find the Magicant Piece. Ironically he thinks the Magicant is a tool for the greedy and is quite confused at why Julie is searching for it. He may have taken it upon himself to keep Julie on the path of good, and to prevent the journey from clouding her motives when she attains this artifact.

Despite having a fairly harsh, somewhat black and white view of people and creatures deemed as evil, he's a very friendly and cheerful person otherwise. He may even be compared to Julie when she first began adventuring. That being said, Jordie is a pacifist who doesn't have any practical adventuring experience. All of the powers and abilities he attained were through non-violent, priestly research and projects.

This lack of risk taking may be due to his parents. His Mom and Dad are seasoned adventurers who don't really want him following in their footsteps. It's been revealed that Jennifer and Jordon SR. have been forced into working for the Empire, all the more reason not to want their son taking risks in adventuring.

In the group he functions as their newest primary healer. He prepares divine magic and can channel positive energy into healing magic. He also excels at driving away the undead with his positive energy. Unfortunately he's not physically geared for adventuring. He doesn't have the physical strength or endurance to be of much help in combat outside of the undead, demons and devils.

A powerful Ice Devil known as 'Calor the Frostdoom' abducted him. This abduction was done on contract by Janice Jamison and Bruce Moriatos, in an effort to keep Jordie's parents from disobeying the Emperors. However, Brian and Angelo didn't sanction this and sent both Jordie and Warren back home.

Though this was lucky for them, it wasn't as much so for Angelika. Angelika had already started her rescue mission, and now is stuck with another adventuring group, hundreds of miles away from Julie.

It's also been revealed that Jordie may be the next 'Paragon of Unity.' What this means exactly remains to be seen, but the three forces of good in Manjulias have a keen interest in the Cleric. In an effort to get the Unity Paragon out of danger, Brother Jack and his team of Justice Angel followers vowed to rescue Jordie. Angelika has taken it upon herself to join this group of followers of The Angel of Justice to help rescue Jordie.

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