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Jordon Kent is Jordie's father. Jordon and his wife Jennifer are both accomplished adventurers who have (until recently) retired.

He was introduced in the story along working alongside his wife doing some questionable things. At the time it seemed like Jennifer and Jordie have thrown in their lot with the Souballo Empire, though it was actually more complicated.

As a person, Jordon's nice enough and shows love and concern for his son like Jennifer. He has a touch of arrogance about him, but it doesn't get in the way of his better nature. (It's hard to be humble when you stop a deinonychus' attack with only your gloved hand.)

Travelling down the roads of martial weapon training and spellcasting, Jordon has achieved the rank of Eldritch Knight. He has some specialization with the Longsword and has most of the arcane power a wizard of his training should have. He's a versatile combatant indeed.


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