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Julie is the protagonist of the story, and the leader of the adventuring group. She began her journey when an angel-like creature came to her in a dream and told her she was destined to be the keeper of the Magicant Pendant, an artifact that acts as a compass using the stars of the night sky.

Julie's group is made up of herself, her husband Lenny, her sister Angelika, her sister's friend Rocky, and other friends who Julie and the gang encounter on their journey.

Julie's role in the group is a Bard, which is a skill user and performer who uses their art to draw forth magic. Julie's magic mainly revolves around healing, assisting her friends in battles, and minor illusionary magic.

Fairly typical of her career choice, Julie is friendly, cheerful and very knowledgable in many different things. She's very eager to show her abilities off and prove herself to the world. In the beginning of the story she was also very idealistic, somewhat naive, and quick to annoy those around her with her bardic lore and boundless energy.

Beyond the cheerful and friendly exterior lies a somewhat darker side. Due to a complicated family life, she has developed a some complexes. These complexes lead to a somewhat excessive desire to please others and taking on extra responsibilities to keep her mind from slipping into a depression.

As she becomes more experienced with both fighting and travelling, she is beginning to let her hair down a bit and see the world for what it really is.

She's currently looking for the second piece of the Magicant. She's fairly sure that it's located in the Hidion desert, or the mountain just on the other side of it. Like always, she's bound for more awesome adventures with her growing circle of friends.

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