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Lenny is Julie's loving and devoted husband. Originally he was a mercenary working for a guild that rented out the services of fighters for a fee. His assignment was to help escort Julie's envoy wagon to a secret location to discuss diplomatic issues between Huckleton and Twiloda. Bandits attacked the wagon, and Lenny used his skills as a fighter to drive them off. He did get injured during this, and Julie used her bardic powers to heal him. Ever since then they decided to forge a relationship which grew to the marrige you as the reader sees today.

When Julie informed Lenny of the quest she was given, he jumped at the idea to travel and adventure quite eagerly. He happily follows Julie along on this quest of hers, giving any help he can.

Lenny is a Fighter, meaning that he is a master at using melee and ranged weapons. The Bastard Sword is his specialty weapon, and he has learned how to use it extremely efficiently. He's also tough and durable, allowing him to endure attacks and give Julie and Angelika the chance to set up their magical attacks.

Though loving and devoted, Lenny is also fairly passive and easy-going. Unfortunately this can lead to people with stronger personalities to take advantage of his nature and he can get resentful over it. However, as time progressed he seems to be getting over this shortcoming.

Due to the requirements of this adventure, Lenny has decided to delve into the Ranger's path a little bit. He made this decision so he could apply his newfound knowledge of the wilderness to keep his group mates safe in the woods. He has also learned to use his shield as a secondary weapon and has found an enchanted shield that can help him.

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