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Logan Blackwood is an extraplanar creature Coumadin called to assist him in the second battle with Julie. Logan has worked with Coumadin in the past as well, including being his wingman when trolling for booty at the bars.

Logan's a fairly free spirit and doesn't take things too seriously. He doesn't seem to hold Coumadin in especially high regard and snarks at him from time to time. Even still, Logan still supports Coumadin in the various things he gets called for. (If he keeps responding to Coumadin's magical calls for help, obviously Logan doesn't mind him that much.)

Logan is a Zebroan, which is a special type of creature native to the plane of Zebro. They somewhat resemble thier mundane Manjulian counterparts, save for odd flamboyant dress and spiffy little orange crowns on their heads.

Logan used his powers as a Bard to assist Coumadin the second battle against Julie's group. Coumadin however was defeated, but Logan survived the conflict. Perhaps we'll see the odd gentleman again someday!

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