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Magotto Granitara is a member of a squad of Justice Angel worshippers who are fighting against the Souballos. Magotto is the eldest of the Granitara brothers, and he is the one with the Halberd.

Magotto is a bit wiser than his brother, but he is still gruff, snarky and reserved. Though he is rough on his brother sometimes, it's only because he wants him to be the best he can be. Grottor does not appreciate it though, and the two bicker very often.

The Granitara brothers were originally from Mount Indonaly, between the cities of Calzonia and Jordona. An alien force has destroyed much of the Dwarven and Dark Elven populace on that mountain, and it drove the brothers into the woods, where they met Brother Jack, Harvey and a newly recruited Warren.

Magotto is skilled in the use of the halberd. Due to his cleverness and feat selection, he often uses it to trip his enemies and he knows how to sunder weapons more efficently as well.

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