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Martin Galespy is a fairly powerful wizard who directs the northern branch of the imperial magical training and augmentation facility. It is a top secret location where humans are created and genetically modified into super soldiers. The process this requires is complex and involves the recycled lifestrand of various lifeforms.

Janice has been promoted to Imperial Tactician during the campaign to 'liberate' Silverfonds City. Since this new job takes up much of her time, she delegated running the north facility to the next most powerful and knowledgable scientist. This scientist is a successful experiment himself, created to serve Brian and Angelo by using his arcane powers.

Martin Galespy only cares about his research and magic. He cares nothing about the value of life, so he is unburdened by moral dilemas which would get in the way of progress. His goals include creating these new super soldiers more and more efficently, and researching new magic to assist the empire.

Janice doesn't like Martin very much. She knows that the more powerful she gets the more likely the Emperors will do something to 'retire' her. Martin would probably end up replacing her, being more 'superior' in Brian and Angelo's eyes due to Martin's origins.



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