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Marvin the Mummy is another guardian of the forested Magicant Temple. He typically works as the temple's custodian and landscaper. He tends the assassin vines growing in the towers and keeping the temple looking good.

Marvin couldn't be more different from the free-spirited and somewhat irresponsible Coumadin. Due to differences in opinion, Marvin despises Coumadin and makes this loud and clear to Julie and her friends.

Marvin is proper, efficient and very blunt in the way he speaks to people. His intimidating appearance and unfriendly disposition may be due to being a Mummy, or maybe he was this way in life. Also like Coumadin, Marvin took this position to keep from an eternity in Camazerra, the netherworld where lawful evil creatures' souls reside after death.

As a Mummy, he has some supernatural powers. He can emit a horrible scream which can

paralyze living creatures with fear and dread. He can also curse his opponents to rot from the inside out (though he didn't use this power on Julie or her friends.) To improve himself further, he trained in the greatsword and uses his tremendous strength to his advantage with it.

He was defeated by Emily, who used a necromancy spell to charm him into not attacking Julie's group. Despite Emily's spell, he still treated everyone else in Julie's group with disdain and overt hostility.

When Emily's host body was destroyed when she transformed into her 'perfected' self, the spell on Marvin was broken. Ironically when Emily attempted to make her escape he paralyzed and slew her, allowing Julie to get the first Magicant Piece back.

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