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Maxo Rumbargo is now a fairly powerful Halfling priest of Nehhilia. Through his pact with Mortaridar he lost his divine connection to the sun god Nehhilio. Candesco has since converted him to follow the moon goddess now.

Maxo is a good friend of Jordie's family, and he has known Jordie's parents since before Jordie was born. When Angelika was killed by the Tlodnal Cleric's death touch, Jordie asked his parents to help. The took Julie's group to Maxo where he performed the resurrection on Angelika.

Maxo is a very laid back man and easily goes with the flow. It's likely he had travelled with Jordon and Jennifer when they adventured and is also retired now. It's also likely that Maxo is the head of this community, as the villagers all respect him and hold him in high regard. Though he is a leader, he doesn't run the town with a very firm hand and leaves the town to its own devices.

He decided to join the Silverfronds war effort when he left his town with Candesco and Julie's group. While in Silverfronds he let his curiousity of the castle's service bell get the better of him and he and Candesco were randomly warped to Mortaridar's domain. There he decided to make a pact with the Demon to have an ace up his sleeve when dealing with the coming Souballo Invasion. The ace turned out to be a ploy from Mortaridar to return to Manjulias much earlier than he was expected to.

Through this mistake he has potentially endangered the plane itself by allowing Mortaridar's return. His god Nehhilio severed his divine connection and he lost all of his Cleric powers. Wanting to make an atonement for this mistake he hastily besought Candesco for a conversion, not wanting to be converted by a Cleric he didn't trust. Candesco has successfully converted him, but he is now under Candesco's supervision.


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