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Melchior the Fool is an enigmatic demon who is a minion of Sophia, but doesn't officially work as part of the Empire. Despite being very different in philosophy in regards to evil, the two work together and have a good friendship. Melchior was the first evil extraplanar being Bruce had peaceful contact with, allowing him to take the final step to becoming a Blackguard.

True to his name, Melchior the Fool is flamboyant, capricious and has an unflagging and sick sense of humor. Few non-evil people find funny; Sophia thinks he is hilarious. She also keeps him in line to prevent him from getting in trouble with powerful imperials like Brian or Angelo.

Sophia and Melchior spread news across the land of Thomas Stratus committing terrorist acts in Silverfronds. It's highly likely that the Empire will employ him to spread more mischief and misery later on.

The misery continues when Melchior and Sophia are assigned to spy work in Silverfronds City. During their time spying and scurrying about, Melchior developed some kind of friendship with the castle. Eventually Melchior and the castle struck an agreement to fast-forward the war effort by letting Brian and Angelo into the castle for a confrontation with King Tegretol. As expected, the castle lied to Melchior and tossed him and the imperial bigwigs 'in the garbage' when they were lured in.

The Emperors are presently very angry at Melchior. Without Sophia to keep relations smooth-going, Melchior may be in very hot water right now.


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