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Merla Undercobble is a halfling with a vast array of psychic powers. Merla is a pleasant woman, and always only has the best of interests in mind when working with the powerful folks who have crossed her path.

She originally worked with Julie's parents, assisting in running the city of Twiloda, but also worked briefly with the Everwood City Council. She retired to the city of Llanadario, helping sometimes with ruling affairs there. She has since come out of retirement to help with the Silverfronds war effort with the Everwood Council.

Her duties while helping with the Silverfronds War were to protect the King and to psionically root out spies and the like. Unfortunately Sophia and Melchior had eluded her for a time and caused some trouble.

When Julie visited Silverfronds, she assisted by getting Julie away from the city so she could discern the location of the second magicant piece. This attracted the attention of Brian Souballo, and they had to make a hasty retreat to avoid Julie's quest coming to a tragic end.

After they had safely returned, Merla informed Julie that she would be wiping the memories of those in the Silverfronds concern of Julie's presence, effectively removing Julie from any of their affairs. She did give Lenny a magical ring that can recall a spell effect he could store into it.

Presently, Merla is assisting King Tegretol and Queen Trilanna with fighting the empire, as well as Mortaridar's awakening.

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