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Mortaridar is a powerful wish granting demon. It takes the shape of a 'Glabrezu' wearing a breastplate emblazoned with Janusine's holy symbol.

It was first encountered by Maxo and Candesco when they decided to mess around with the Silverfronds 'service bell.' Ringing the bell randomly sent them to his domain in BloddenGogga where he lives and awaits being unsealed. For some unfathomable reason Maxo decided to make a pact with the demon, and for kicks Mortaridar decided to grant the pact.

Little did Maxo know that this pact became an impromptu attempt for Mortaridar to escape his demonic prison earlier than scheduled. Mortaridar ended up taking Candesco's form as part of returning to Manjulias as part of an incomplete 'wish' for Candesco to be resurrected.

Mortaridar was originally imprisoned in this area of the Netherworld by Tegretol's father, as part of a royal family curse that spanned centuries and generations. Now he has been released 450 years ahead of schedule, and Tegretol now has to find a way to re-seal him.

The unholy creature also seems to have some sort of vendetta against Angelo. Why this vendetta exists is still uncertain, but time will reveal why.

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