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Norveg is a magical rat-like creature who is now Angelika's magic familiar. He encountered Angelika while she was walking the streets with her friends in Huckleton. At first Angelika tried to kill him by throwing bottles at him, but he defeated her by knocking the bottle back into her face.

Norveg has the ability to talk with anyone who can understand the common tongue, unlike how they're normally portrayed in Dungeons and Dragons. Apart from that, familiars serve the same purpose and have the same powers.

Unlike Angelika, Norveg is considerate and thoughtful. He often serves as a foil to her and helps keep her from doing stupid things. He's a coward at heart, and flees the battle scene whenever Julie and her friends have to fight something.

Not much else is known about Norveg. He's never spoken about his past and isn't especially talkative. Perhaps we will learn more about him as the comic progresses.

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