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Patrick is one of the people that Julie's group met at the first hamlet they stopped in on their journey. He is also one of Pauline's underlings that they fought in said hamlet.

Patrick is cool-natured and patient. However, he doesn't have too much in the way of tact, his ego can get the better of him and he isn't popular with the ladies. In some ways he's like a black-haired Rocky who decided to take to the woods instead of dark city streets.

His female unpopularity was what got him into fighting Julie's group out in the street of their hamlet. When Julie's group met him, he was merely a warrior without dedicated training in a character class. This lead him and his friends to get beaten in a street fight with Julie's group.

However, in the time between then and now he and his friends had picked up some character classes and are now a lot tougher to fight. Their beef isn't with Julie's group however, but with going on a quest of their own when their hometown was destroyed by the Angelo Kids.

Patrick is a Ranger. Unlike Lenny, Patrick is a completely dedicated Ranger rather than a multi-class. His Ranger training has taught him in the ways of the bow, fielding the wilderness and even learning a bit of druidic magic to help him hunt prey better. Humans (and to a lesser extent) the undead are his favored enemies, giving him the edge he needs to defeat them.


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