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Paula Meng is a spiritual magic specialist and is part of Angelo's Kids. She is one of the administrators for a magical 'training facility' seen creating imperial clones.

Always a no-nonsense martinet, Paula the one in charge of education at a Souballo 'Training Facility.' She organizes the learning schedule, the combat training, and that the clones are to obey their superiors. She is also a powerful Cleric, her divine magic heavily focused on the power of law.

Though Paula is with Angelo's Kids and by extention the Souballo Empire, Paula is not evil. She has some compassion and scruples, is obedient and fair, and greatly disapproves of the magical experimentations performed by the cloning taskmaster Martin Galespy.

Paula was also selected to help defend the Imperial Airship during the attack, but more specifically she had the special task of keeping Angelo from giving into the evil within him and keeping a level head. She ended up getting removed from the combat to be part of the strike team assaulting Silverfronds Castle.

Angelo seems to trust her with certain aspects of himself that others do not know. It's suggested that she is aware of Angelo's problem in regards to his soul. It may be because Paula is more concerned with the general spread of law in Manjulias over personal gains and advancements.

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