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Pauline is a friendly and good natured woman with a fairly carefree and laid back attitude when she's not ferociously raging at her opponents. Her impulsive and brash nature does however impair her social skills somewhat, and she is often nervous and put off by formality and stuffy social events.

Pauline is a Barbarian, a fierce warror who gains arguably supernatural powers through fits of rage that boost her strength and endurance. They also have the skills to be competent woodspeople, helping their friends get along safely in the wild. Pauline became a Barbarian because her husband and son were unfortunately murdered by savage creatures that roamed the land she and her family lived. She learned to fight and vent her angry energy and has been a stronger person due to it. It wasn't quite enough however, and her hometown was also destroyed by the savage creatures of Mt. Groodagisa.

She meets up with Julie's group when her underlings lost a street fight with them. Upon Pauline's defeat in a rematch, she joins them because she respected the group's strength and was interested in their quest. Since then they have been the best of friends and stayed together through many dangers.

Eventually she learns about Julie's quest, but she doesn't commit herself quite fully to it. She doesn't have any desire to use the Magicant for herself and thus has no agenda in regards to it. . Though she adventures with the group, she finds herself at an unfortunate end in a battle with a powerful minotaur. Julie tried to raise her from the dead, but she revealed that she didn't wish to come back.

Pauline met up with her Son and Husband in the Kingdom of Freedom, the chaotic good celestial heaven. She was happy and at peace for a time, until she happened across Thomas Stratus while he was escaping the emperor of the Souballo Empire. In their time together, Thomas Stratus commented that she should have gone back to Manjulias when Julie tried to revive her, as she could use her abilities to continue helping people. This meeting put some second thoughts into Pauline's head over her decision not to be revived.

She received a second chance at revival. The revival was not by Julie or any of her circle, but by her cronies that she lived with back in the hamlet Julie found her in. They had decided to become actual adventurers in their own right, gaining special powers and abilities their classes would provide. It turned out Raymond had sought out a priest because he was worried about her, and through divination found out she had died. Using one of Pauline's filthier belongings, they successfully resurrected Pauline through a Magical Wish Puppy they found in a temple they were raiding.

When Pauline was revived, she learned her old hamlet had been destroyed by the Angelo's Kids, and she had a new motivation for fighting the Souballo Empire. She resumed her adventures as a Barbarian alongside her dudes, and they travelled together. Their quests mainly consisted of anti-Angelo Kid adventures, eventually taking them to the city of Silverfronds.

It was at Silverfronds where Pauline had unexpectedly found Angelika working with a group of Justice Angel warriors fighting a powerful group of Sarbek warriors. Pauline learns of Angelika's bizarre situation and decides to lend her and the Justice Team a hand in their adventures. Angelika and Pauline's groups decided to team up, uniting into a powerful band of anti-imperials...at least until Angelika and Pauline find a way to reunite with Julie and the others.


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