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Peganone Silkweed is an Elven wizard who is a member of the Everwood City Council. Since her introduction she and Randi were tasked with Zaedalkaah's capture, and aiding Silverfronds against Souballo invasion.

Peganone was one of the people Julie needed to see in order to get the Magicant Pendant. In order to see if Julie was who she said she was, Peganone magically probed through Julie's mind and memories. Seeing the evidence Peganone needed to see, the Magicant Pendant was entrusted to Julie.

The memories Peganone probed also revealed that Julie unwittingly released Zaedalkaah from an imprisonment wand that was stolen from Everwood Castle. Afterword Peganone and Randi were assigned to hunt Zaedalkaah down and bring him back into stasis. They unfortunately failed in the task, as Zaedalkaah enlisted in Angelo's Kids under the alias of 'Umbria' and Angelo beat them to it.

Later on, the Everwood Council joined the Silverfronds war. The council as well as the queen assisted King Tegretol in preventing his kingdom from being invaded. Peganone's tasks were to attend to the king, help protect the city and castle, and to assist in the Imperial Airship Offensive. She partied up with the council, as well as Denise the Astral Deva and the chaotic angel-like thing known as 'Slammy.'

Their efforts to destroy the airship were a success, but Peganone was killed in the battle with Exillon. She was resurrected after the mission was completed, and continues to assist Silverfronds in their problem of Mortaridar's revival.

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