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Randi Goldenaxe is a Fighter-turned-Cleric originally from Mt. Gale, but came to Everwood for unknown reasons. Through his divine powers and friendship with Trilanna, he was appointed onto the Everwood City Council.

Randi is a member of the Everwood City Council, a group of people who oversee Everwood's kingdom affairs. One of those duties was apparently keeping the Magicant Pendant and waiting for the next Pendant Keeper. Julie happened to be who they were waiting for.

After handing the pendant off to Julie, Randi and Peganone set off to find and capture Zaedalkaah. They were not successful as Angelo found her first and magically strong-armed them into fleeing.

Later on, the Everwood Council joined the Silverfronds war. The council as well as the queen assisted King Tegretol in preventing his kingdom from being invaded. Randi's tasks were to use his divine powers to protect the city and castle, and to assist in the Imperial Airship Offensive. Randi partied up with the council, as well as Denise the Astral Deva and the chaotic angel-like thing known as 'Slammy.'

Their efforts to destroy the airship were a success. They defeated Exillon and returned to Everwood to get their next assignment. Only time'll tell on what that assignment is going to be.

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