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Ray, or Jim as he may prefer to be called, is one of the dudes that were part of Pauline's gang before she left and their town got burned down.

Ray is a solid, dependable guy with good insight when it counts. He's a bit on the simple side, and doesn't retain information as well as his friends. He's also something of a wet blanket and isn't quite comfortable with his sexuality, something bizarre in Manjulias and a source of ribbing by many of his team.

He was the dude who was with Patrick when they met Julie's crew at the bar. Angelika ironically liked Ray more than Patrick because Ray never tried to hit on her the way Patrick obnoxiously did.

Ray suddenly received divine insight after Pauline had left town with Julie's group. Since then he trained in the divine ways of the Cleric, settling on Quizma's dogma because it was the least confining of divine energies. As his training got more intense, his powers improved.

Ray started having bad dreams that Pauline had died, and sure enough the Clerics he spoke to had confirmed it through divination. It was then that the four dudes took it upon themselves to get a resurrection scroll to bring her back. They did have something of hers to use as a component, as Pauline's kind of filthy with not throwing away things she bleeds on.

The quest took them to a dungeon which was quite dangerous, but they delved to the end of it and procured the scroll, as well as treasure they sold to get the diamonds to pay for the revival.

By the time they had the goods to have the spell performed, Pauline had already had second thoughts about not returning to the living world...so she jumped at the chance when a call to life was offered.

So in the end, it was thanks to Ray that Pauline got the second chance she wanted.

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