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Ron Wallace is a Fighter and is in charge of much of the teaching at the same 'Training Facility' in which Paula administers and Martin creates clones for.

Like Paula, Ron is also very much into the forces of Law. He's considerably more laid back than her when it comes to dicipline and the way he presents himself. He is also attracted to Paula, and the two have recently started dating...though he has not achieved 'Boyfriend Status' quite yet.

Ron joined the Angelo's Kids due to the intense desire for belonging. Through his newfound happiness came dedication and power, and rose up through the ranks of his own merit. Eventually he was selected to help run a 'Training Facility' that's near the Souballo HQ city.

Ron was selected to assist Brian Souballo in invading Silverfronds Castle, providing melee combat support for the Emperor while they waded through a secret underground tunnel into the castle. At this time Brian found out Ron was dating Paula, and was quite amused by it all.

He got trapped with Paula, Janice, Angelo and Brian when the Silverfronds Castle threw them into the garbage. Due to his fairly low force of will, he was the first (and likely only) person to fall under the stairwells curse to keep climbing it.

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