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Simonicus is a Gnome Wizard, and a member of the Everwood City Council. He works with the queen and the court to do various Everwood kingdom things.

One of Simonicus' duties in the council was keeping the Magicant Pendant for the next Pendant Keeper. His disappointment with Julie, a low level bard was obvious to the point of him telling her quite flatly. Up until his memories of Julie were erased by Merla, he still had reservations about entrusting the Magicant Pendant to Julie.

As with Randi, Peganone and Merla, Simonicus joined the Silverfronds Kingdom in the war against the Souballo invasion. He supplied his growing arcane powers to the kingdom however they saw fit to use them. His duties turned out to be protection of the King, attending strategy meetings and eventually helping with the Imperial Airship's destruction.

Their efforts to destroy the airship were a success. They defeated Exillon and returned to Everwood to get their next assignment. Only time'll tell on what that assignment is going to be.

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