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Slammy is a native from Zebro, the Chaotic Neutral plane where Quizmalia rules. Slammy is also Angelika's spirit guide, though that could be just him saying things. True to his planar roots, he's a wild child who lives by his whims and does what he wants.

Angelika met Slammy right after she was thrown out of Quzmalia's window. He explained to her that he was her spirit guide and that he wanted to take her to her Dragon spellsource. There, Angelika learned about where her sorcery powers come from...though that may not be true either. The people from Zebro like to troll people.

Later on Slammy was called to Manjulias to help destroy the Imperial Airship. He worked with the Everwood Council, and Denise the Astral Deva in an impromptu adventuring party, sneaking into the airship to destroy it from the inside out.

They were successful in destroying the airship, with Slammy himself dealing out the attack that defeated Exillon. Using Prismatic Spray, he randomly forced Exillon to the Kingdom of Justice where the creature was already wanted as a criminal.

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